Visitor’s Guide

When entering the toll plaza, slow down and be aware of the type of lane you require. High vehicles must use the outside lanes. Cash paying customers are not permitted to use the lanes indicated as “MACPASS only”.

There are two ways to pay when you want to cross the bridges: cash or electronic tolling, also known as MACPASS.

With MACPASS, there is no need to come to a complete stop and you can use any of the toll lanes. For more information on getting a MACPASS, please click here.

If you are paying cash, do not enter the lanes that are marked MACPASS only. The lanes with an “open” sign indicate a person working in the booth and you can get change made. The toll baskets accept quarters, loonies ($1 coin) and toonies ($2 coin). View the Toll Rates >

Google Map

View Google Map: Angus L. Macdonald Bridge
View Google Map: A. Murray MacKay Bridge
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