Umi Tea Sets

This is I buy in umiteasets a European luxury coffee cup suit,, there is a coffee cup, milk pot, sugar pot, base, coffee pot, delivery to come over when packaging is very delicate and beautiful, the calibre of the tea set itself also burnish is very smooth, ceramic texture is very delicate, bright colors and exquisite decorative pattern, attached to the ceramic, highlight the aesthetic feeling of the cup with coffee cup, appear very high-grade, the line of the glass surface is soft with elegant decorative pattern, perfect the performance of the nobility of the cup atmosphere, coupled with gold ornament appears to be more perfect. Cup ear with pure gold oil by hand painted, reflected stylist exquisite workmanship, tea tray can be a dish of dual-use, design can not only do the saucer and can do fruit bowl, convenient and practical this tea set is very suitable for use in the villa in the yard to enjoy the afternoon tea time, high-grade glass with unique design, villa is a comprehensive interpretation of enjoy afternoon tea a laid-back and peace.
I have watched this teasuit for some time, afer compared with other likely teasuit, I found that the teasuit worth the money. Do not break my promise, after received. The style is unique, the price is not expensive, also give customer service, service attitude is so good. Send a friend or relative packaging is very delicate s face. Quality is very good, and the seller described completely consistent, very satisfied, really like, completely beyond expectations, delivery speed is very fast, packaging very carefully, sealed, logistics company service attitude is very good, delivery speed quickly, very satisfied with the shopping at a time.

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