Beginning March 1 overnight closures of the Macdonald Bridge begin – Sunday to Thursday from 7:00pm until 5:30am. Drivers will have to take the MacKay during these times. These closures are for vehicles only – if you walk or bike across the bridge there will be minimal impact until the sidewalk and bike lane are removed the end of June. There may be times when the sidewalk and bike lane is narrowed slightly to accommodate the work.


Planning for the Big Lift began in 2010 – we are ready. The general contractor was selected in June 2014.

The overnight bridge closures will begin in March 2015 to prepare for the first deck segment replacement in August 2015.

Where we’ve been:

  • Tender issue – January 2014
  • Tender close – April 2014
  • Award – June 2014
  • Fabrication – 2014 – 2015
  • Preparatory work – continuous overnight bridge closures begin March 1 – Sunday to Thursday (five nights a week), 7:00pm – 5:30am
  • Sidewalk and bike lane removed. Continuous shuttle service begins – June 29 2015
  • Deck segment installation – Fall 2015 (Originally end of August 2015)
  • Replacement of two segments a weekend April 2016

Where we’re going: (updated December, 2016)

  • Raise the bridge profile – August (final in December)
  • Final welding between new deck segments (transverse deck welding) – August and September
  • Modifications to gantry – September
  • Finish paving Dartmouth side span and the main span – September
  • Begin replacing final 16 segments – early October
  • Complete deck segment replacement – end of January/early February
  • Open the bike lane and sidewalk throughout the day – mid to late March 2017
  • Project completion – Fall 2017

Weekly updates on closures, news and project progress can also be found at https://www.hdbc.ca/