Upgrades to using MACPASS at Halifax Stanfield Airport

The Final Phase of Parking System Upgrades Begins Monday, December 10

Using the parkade at the Halifax Stanfield Airport is getting easier! The final phase of upgrades to the parking system have begun, which means guests using the parking facility and outdoor parking area will notice some changes while entering and exiting Halifax Stanfield.

For a short period of time, both systems will be in place as old tickets will need to be processed out and new tickets will begin to be used. During the transition, MACPASS Plus  will be temporarily unavailable for parking for approximately a week, but will be available for use once the new system is fully in place. This will mainly impact business passengers who fly regularly in and out of Halifax Stanfield. It’s also important to note that during this transition, there will be two types of tickets being used from the old and new systems. Signage will be placed near the pay on foot areas, directing the old and new tickets to the appropriate lanes with matching technology.

There will be staff and volunteers to assist, yet ther ewill be a transition period. If you require assistance or clarification, please reach out to a member of the Halifax Stanfield community and they assist you. Once the new system is fully launched, guests will have a faster and smoother parking experience.