Changes to MacKay Bridge toll lanes

(Dartmouth, N.S.) Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) advises changes to the toll plaza on the MacKay Bridge. Halifax-bound lane 10 and Dartmouth-bound lane five are now MACPASS only lanes.

“Because a very high percentage of customers use electronic tolling we believe the modification to the toll plaza will improve traffic flow,” says Steve Snider, HHB general manager and CEO. “Fifteen per cent of bridge crossings are made with cash during peak traffic hours and 25 per cent in off peak traffic hours.”

There are seven toll lanes in each direction on the MacKay Bridge. During peak traffic hours 40 per cent of the toll lanes accept cash and 33 per cent of the lanes accept cash in off-peak traffic hours. “Since there are customers that still use cash we will continue to monitor the impact of this change,” says Snider.

Bridge users who pay cash to cross the bridge are reminded that MACPASS is less expensive than cash ($.80 versus $1 cash for a regular passenger vehicle) and there is no cost to get a transponder. For more information about MACPASS, go to