HHB introduces sticker tags

HHB has introduced a new transponder that is smaller and more accurate than the hard shell transponder that have been used since electronic tolling (MACPASS) was introduced in 1998. This will result in fewer people getting stuck behind a gate that doesn’t rise when going through the toll lanes.

The new transponder is a small sticker that is placed in the same spot as the old transponder, inside your windshield just below the rearview mirror.

If you have the old transponder there is no need to replace it – they will continue to work.

Because the new transponder is a sticker, if you remove it from the window it will no longer work. You can get a replacement sticker online (mymacpass.com) or by visiting the customer service centre.

There is no cost to replace the transponder and you can have multiple transponders on the same account.

Almost 80% of all crossings on the Macdonald and MacKay bridges are made with MACPASS, which is less expensive than cash.


The same transponder can be used at Cobequid Pass but you have to open a separate account there. You can do so by calling 1(877)727-7104 or cobequidpass.com


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