The MacKay and Macdonald bridges are tolled bridges. There are toll plazas on the Dartmouth side of each bridge. Users pay for the bridge going in both directions. There are five toll lanes in each direction on the Macdonald and seven toll lanes in each direction on the MacKay.

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Safety Tips

The two bridges are among the safest and best maintained infrastructures in Nova Scotia. When a collision, even a minor one, takes place on one of the bridges, the impact is not minor. The vast majority of collisions are completely preventable and most often caused by driver distraction. The impact of even a minor collision on the bridges has a major impact on traffic congestion.

The HHB bridge patrol officers are special constables and with that have the authority to issue tickets for speeding, texting and other infractions.

Speed Limits

  • Macdonald Bridge: 50km/h
  • MacKay Bridge: 70km/h

Safety Measures Include

  • wind detectors
  • mobile speed radar
  • bridge security
  • ice detection sensors
  • cameras
  • Early warning crash bars (MacKay toll plaza)
  • 12 emergency telephones on the Macdonald Bridge


The toll you pay to cross the Macdonald or MacKay Bridge is based on the number of axles on your vehicle. Most passenger vehicles and light trucks pay $1.00 if using a MACPASS and $1.25 if paying with cash. NOTE:  The cash lanes accept quarters, $1 coins and $2 coins. The coin baskets will not accept dimes, nickels or pennies. THERE IS NO CREDIT CARD OR INTERACT TAP AT THE TOLL BOOTHS. The sidewalk and bicycle lane are free of charge to use. Please click here to see toll rates >


MACPASS is the electronic tolling system of Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB). Approximately 85 per cent of bridge crossings during the peak travel times of the day are made using MACPASS. MACPASS allows users to pass through the toll lanes of the Angus L. Macdonald and A. Murray MacKay bridges without stopping and at a less expensive rate than using cash, making it the best way to cross the harbour. View MACPASS details >


MACDONALD: Other than buses, no vehicles weighing over 3200 kg (7055 lb) are permitted on the Macdonald Bridge and must cross the harbour via the MacKay Bridge. MACKAY: There is no bicycle or pedestrian access on the MacKay Bridge. Find out more >

cyclistsand pedestrians

HHB supports and promotes active transportation. There is a dedicated sidewalk on the south side of the Macdonald Bridge and a dedicated bike lane on the north side the Macdonald Bridge. Both lanes are open 24 hours/ 7 days a week and there is no toll to use them. Find out more >


The two bridges are among the safest and best maintained infrastructures in Nova Scotia. Some of the safety measures include: wind detectors, mobile speed radar, bridge security, ice detection sensors, cameras and 12 emergency telephones on the Macdonald Bridge. View Safety Tips >

Visitor’s Guide

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