HHB is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the MacKay and Macdonald bridges.

Each year the bridges undergo a rigorous inspection to identify maintenance requirements and it ensures that items from previous inspections are being addressed properly. These inspections form the basis of the three-year maintenance plan.

As the bridges enter their mid-life they become more expensive to maintain. We are sometimes asked how long the bridges will last. The response is that as long as the bridges are well maintained they will last for many decades to come. In fact, following the Macdonald Bridge suspended spans deck replacement project much of the bridge infrastructure will be new, leaving only the original towers, main cables and anchorages on the suspended spans.
From plowing and painting, to anchor renovations and adding safety barriers, each year HHB invests millions in capital and maintenance projects. In the last 10 years HHB has invested $100 million in capital and maintenance projects while at the same time deducing the debt from $123 million to $41 million.

Although it comes at a higher cost, maintenance, when possible, is scheduled during evenings and weekends, to minimize inconvenience to the travelling public.