Blue Nose Marathon returns to bridge

For the first time since 2018, Blue Nose Marathon runners will enjoy the thrill of crossing the Macdonald Bridge in their quest to accomplish their running goals.

“We have always been a big supporter of the Blue Nose Marathon,” says Halifax Harbour Bridges CEO Steve Snider. “We are happy to welcome back veteran and first time runners to enjoy the experience of bridge running and take in the best views of the city.”

Blue Nose race weekend takes place May 20-22, with the bridge coming into play on the 22nd for the 10k, the half marathon and the relay. Blue Nose Marathon Executive Director Sherri Robbins said she expects 4,000 runners will cross the bridge in staged starts.

The race will comply with the appropriate health protocols in place at the time.


If the Blue Nose Marathon is out of your comfort zone, don’t forget HHB is hosting the MACPASS Mile on July 31 and registration is free. The MACPASS Mile will be followed in the afternoon by Bridgewalk 2022.