The Big Lift. What’s left?

August 8, 2017

Overnight closures will continue until late fall 2017 to complete the Big Lift. In addition, the Macdonald Bridge will be closed each weekend in August to install the remaining three expansion joints and complete final paving around the expansion joints. The expansion joints are approximately 2.6 m long plus two separate plates of 0.2 m long each to connect it to the bridge deck, to fill 3 m opening (10 ft). Once the expansion joints are installed and infill paving is complete around the expansion joints, the bridge will return to a smooth ride.

Other work that remains includes:

  • Wrapping the main cable in waterproof membrane
  • Installing the dehumidification system
  • Installing maintenance access
    • Hand strands along main cable
    • Handrails on towers
    • Platforms at top of towers
  • Removing work travellers
  • Installing aerial beacons and supports at top of towers
  • Install tower highlighting
  • Finish roadway lighting
  • Install navigation lighting
  • Remove stools from overhead sign structures and install one more structure
  • Complete water main, and test
  • Paint main towers and cable bents at road level
  • Main cable protection near deck
  • Reconnect emergency phones