Schedule for reopening sidewalk and bike lane – end of June 2017

Sidewalk and bike lane reopening delayed to late June
Shuttle service will remain in place

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) advises that the re-opening of the sidewalk and bike lane across the Macdonald Bridge is delayed to late June, due to ongoing work on the Big Lift.

“We have made substantial progress on this project, with the deck segment replacement complete a few months ago,” says Steve Snider, HHB general manager and CEO. “One area where things have not progressed as planned is in the reopening of the sidewalk and bike lane.”

Initially, when the sidewalk and bike lane reopen they may be closed when the bridge is closed – 7:00pm to 5:30am Sunday through Thursday. The shuttle service will be available during these times.

Some of the remaining work to open the sidewalk and bike lane includes:
• Supports and sidewalk/bike lane panels on the outside of the towers
• Completion of the interior and exterior barriers
• Replacement of hangers
• Electrical work/lighting
• Welding, corrosion protection and infill paving at transverse deck splices

“The Big Lift is a feat accomplished only one other time in the world, making it extremely complex from an engineering standpoint,” says Snider. “HHB appreciates that this continues to be a significant imposition for walkers and cyclists. We regret this delay and look forward to when we can welcome back active transportation.”

The 24/7 shuttle service remains in service until the sidewalk and bike lane reopen.