Update on bridge closures – November 2017

Weekend closures are complete for the foreseeable future and overnight full bridge closures will end at the end of November 2017. Periodic overnight closures will be needed between December and May 2018 to complete the remaining work. These will be communicated ahead of time. There will also be a need to have single lane closures overnight.


The Big Lift is a complex project that has seen the entire suspended structure of the Macdonald Bridge replaced while keeping the bridge open as much as possible. The project extends the life of the bridge by 75 years.


In recent months we have reopened the sidewalk and bike lane, replaced the 146 vertical hangers, installed the four expansion joints and finished the paving on the suspended spans of the bridge.

The contractor is now finishing wrapping the main cable with a waterproof membrane and installing a dehumidification system that will prevent corrosion of the main cable. In the next several weeks the contractor will be installing access platforms at the towers and cable bents, finishing electrical work and removing scaffolding from the sidewalk and bike lane.