Pilot paint project on Macdonald Bridge

Beginning in mid-September 2018 Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) is starting a pilot paint project on the Halifax approach spans of the Macdonald Bridge, areas not replaced as part of the Big Lift.

The existing coating system on the Macdonald Bridge approach span is 63 year-old and no longer effective in protecting the bridge from corrosion and steel degradation. Over the next several years HHB will replace the existing coatings on the approach spans, cable bents and towers, beginning on the Halifax side of the bridge. The work includes full enclosure to remove the existing coating, repairing steel where required and applying new paint system.

Beginning in mid-September and ending in early December 2018 the contractor will work during the day and night shift using the following equipment to complete the work:

  • Blasting equipment for paint removal
  • Generators
  • Air compressors
  • Rivet blaster
  • Jack hammer
  • Dust collector and recycle units
  • Temporary heating and dehumidification units