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Lane closures on MacKay Bridge weekend of August 24

Two lanes will be closed on the MacKay Bridge from 7pm Friday, August 23 until 5:30am Monday, August 26. All three lanes of the Macdonald Bridge will be ope... Find Out More >

Macdonald Bridge – Closure cancelled for August 19

Traffic advisory August 19, 2019 The scheduled overnight closure on the Macdonald Bridge for Monday, August 19 has been cancelled. The bridge will be open... Find Out More >

Did you know MACPASS costs less than cash?

Did you know that crossing the bridges using a MACPASS transponder costs less than paying cash? For a regular passenger vehicle it's $0.80 versus $1! For m... Find Out More >

Safety starts with you!

HHB has a toll plaza safety campaign to educate drivers on how they can make their trip across the bridge safe, smooth and trouble-free. A lot of the problem... Find Out More >

Get your Big Lift book!

Halifax Harbour Bridges is pleased to present a hard cover book capturing all the details of Macdonald Bridge suspended spans deck replacement project, also kn... Find Out More >

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