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Webcams added the bridge approaches

  Check your route before heading out! Webcams added to bridge approaches Halifax Harbour Bridges is pleased to introduce webcams to the approach spa... Find Out More >

How toll revenue is used

Ever wonder how your toll dollars are used? In 2018/19 the breakdown is as follows: 11% - maintenance costs 9% - administration costs 13% - operations... Find Out More >

Did you know MACPASS costs less than cash?

Did you know that crossing the bridges using a MACPASS transponder costs less than paying cash? For a regular passenger vehicle it's $0.80 versus $1! For m... Find Out More >

Safety starts with you!

HHB has a toll plaza safety campaign to educate drivers on how they can make their trip across the bridge safe, smooth and trouble-free. A lot of the problem... Find Out More >

MACPASS Miles – August 2

MACPASS Miles is a one mile race across the Macdonald Bridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a fun and free event for the whole family. There are four races: wom... Find Out More >

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