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MacKay Bridge lane & full closure this weekend

Two lanes on the MacKay Bridge will be closed from 7pm, Friday, October 18 until 5:30am Monday, October 21. FULL bridge closure from noon until 5pm Sunday, Octo... Find Out More >

2018/ 2019 Annual Report

  Halifax Harbour Bridges is pleased to share its annual report for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019.  ... Find Out More >

Did you know MACPASS costs less than cash?

Did you know that crossing the bridges using a MACPASS transponder costs less than paying cash? For a regular passenger vehicle it's $0.80 versus $1! For m... Find Out More >

Safety starts with you!

HHB has a toll plaza safety campaign to educate drivers on how they can make their trip across the bridge safe, smooth and trouble-free. A lot of the problem... Find Out More >

Get your Big Lift book!

Halifax Harbour Bridges is pleased to present a hard cover book capturing all the details of Macdonald Bridge suspended spans deck replacement project, also kn... Find Out More >

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