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Tony Wright takes on CEO role beginning Aug. 8

HALIFAX (May 6, 2022) Halifax Harbour Bridges today announced its new CEO. Tony Wright, currently general manager at Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FOR... Find Out More >

We Stand with Ukraine

Drivers crossing the Macdonald Bridge will notice a new flag flying atop the Dartmouth tower. Several months ago identifying the flag might have been a trick... Find Out More >

April 14: Feast day for the patron saint of bridge builders

If there is a little extra spring in the steps of the engineering staff today, it may not just be because a long weekend is a few hours away. April 14 is the... Find Out More >

Bridgewalk 2022: Come walk the Macdonald Bridge

For the thousands of people that cross the Macdonald Bridge daily, the panoramic views of Halifax and Dartmouth are stunning - but fleeting. The opportunity ... Find Out More >

Bridge traffic as a measure of economic activity

When local researchers study the impact of the pandemic, a look at traffic volumes on the Halifax Harbour Bridges could offer interesting metrics. “If traf... Find Out More >

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Closures and Construction

July sidewalk resurfacing: What you can expect

Halifax Harbour Bridges will spend more than $1.2 million this summer to rehabilitate and resurface the sidewalk on the Macdonald Bridge. “Anyone who walks... Find Out More >

Macdonald Bridge closure: May 22 for Blue Nose Marathon

The Blue Nose Marathon is coming back to the Macdonald Bridge this year for the last day of the Blue Nose Marathon. The Macdonald Bridge will close at 7:30 a... Find Out More >

Construction season opens with pier rehabilitation on Macdonald

MAY 2, 2022 - The Spring construction season at Halifax Harbour Bridges kicks off this week with the rehabilitation of concrete piers on the Dartmouth side of t... Find Out More >

Harbour Bridges Summer Construction and Closures: Your first look

As the weather warms and the construction season begins,  Halifax Harbour Bridges is releasing its preliminary schedule of summer construction projects and wee... Find Out More >

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